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6th Grade Library Skills

***Current Work***
In Library Skills class we are currently covering Website Evaluation and Citation.  We just completed a project evaluating 3 sites to determine if they were trustworthy sites. We will soon be learning how to cite a website for a bibliography. 

Items needed for library to be considered prepared for class:
Laptop (when they receive them) 

***This Year***
This year 6th grade students will be taking a library skills class where they will be learning how to use a library, how to do research effectively, and how to cite their work when they are finished with a project.  These are the standards that we will cover in this class :

Students will understand the use of the library catalog and how to locate a book in the library.

Students will learn to use the Dewey Decimal System to locate resources and novels in the library.

Student will develop the ability to effectively search the internet using refined search strategies.

Students will learn to evaluate published information for accuracy, validity, point of view, and currency.

Students will apply proper citation of bibliographic information to assigned work.

Student will learn to use databases for periodical literature searches and how to use Boolean terms to help refine searches.